Murphy Beds Prescott

Do you have a room in your home with a bed that’s rarely used? Do you wish that you could use that room for other things other than to accommodate those rare overnight guests? With Prescott Murphy beds, you can make nearly any room in your home multifunctional. Replace that bed in your single-use room with a wall bed, and you will have a stately, beautifully built piece of furniture to admire that will present a comfortable bed when needed.

The Beauty Of A Multi-Use Room

Prescott Murphy Beds are brought to you by California Closets, the country’s preeminent maker of custom home products that for more than thirty years has transformed spaces, enhanced homes and allowed people like you to get more out of life. We help our customers get more out of their home spaces.  Our Prescott Murphy beds make it easy to enjoy a room for other things than sleeping.  The folds out beds within the Prescott Murphy beds are easily released and returned to the wall unit, or freely standing furniture that contains them.  When the bed is inside the furniture, you’ll be free to use the room as a den, entertainment center, home office, or for any other function you desire.

Much Superior To Air Beds

There’s no longer a good reason to either maintain a fixed, unmovable bed in your guest room, or pull some dusty airbed from the closet and wonder how you’ll pump it up, and if it will hold the air.  California Closets Prescott assures you that there’s a better, more elegant way, and it’s Prescott Murphy beds.  Prescott Murphy beds offer durable, comfortable mattresses held in place by sturdy, retractable frames that easily fold into and out of the furniture piece.

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