Custom Cabinets Prescott

Installing custom cabinets in your home can be a headache. The complicated design decisions, infinite customization options, protracted installations and ballooning budgets can easily dissuade homeowners from embarking on a project--no matter how badly the home needs it. It is the aim of California Closets Prescott to ensure that none of these headaches comes near our clients and their homes. Our local custom cabinet designers will ensure a smooth transformation of a house into your home.

Custom Cabinets Raise Home Value

While housing prices rise and fall, installing our locally-produced Prescott custom cabinets will always increase your homes value.  When the economy is down, you can invest in your home so that when the economic tides change, you can make sure your home’s value rises.  Our professional designers will help you create the perfect solution that maximizes value, space and personal enjoyment.

Once you sign-up for our free in-home design consultation, you will be introduced to the full California Closets experience.  One of our designers will visit your home, evaluating your space and lifestyle needs.  After an in depth evaluation process, we will produce a comprehensive custom cabinet design plan for your Prescott home.  Whether you want to redo all the cabinets in the house, or just those in the kitchen, our professionals will get the job done on time, within budget and to your liking.

As a locally-owned Prescott custom cabinets company, we have the ability to give our clients complete control over their project. From design, color, material and hardware we can tailor our product to your home and lifestyle.  While there will be many options, you will never feel overwhelmed as our Prescott custom cabinets professionals have years of experience with this process.

Customize Your Home With Our Cabinets

We encourage you to sign up for our in-home design consultation to get your Prescott custom cabinets project off the ground.  We look forward to showing why California Closets is the number one choice for Prescott custom cabinets companies.