Closet Systems Prescott

To see the most innovative and beautiful closet systems available to Prescott homeowners come visit us at the California Closets showrooms in Scottsdale and Chandler. Visitors marvel at the designer closets on display. But it is important for us to make clear: by following our design process anyone can share in the luxury.

Prescott’s Most Beautiful and Functional Closet Systems

After 30 years of the serving the Valley with custom storage we have built strong ties and a deep understanding of the community. But even after all this time, we are always excited to meet new customers. We treasure our long-standing customers but are especially excited to work with each new generation of homeowners. We take it as an honor that you would entrust your home to our design process.

The process of putting great closet systems in a Prescott home is fun, rewarding and headache free. First there is a consultation that takes place at your house. The designer meets you and helps you identify your goals. They will ask you questions to bring out your creative vision and precise organizational needs.

The other objective of the meeting is to take measurements. For example, what is the capacity for hanging storage versus shelving space?

The scenarios you come up with together are translated into code for a computer program. The software simulates the future closet systems in your Prescott home. It allows you to see the project on screen in three dimensions and even alter the design as you please.

Closet Systems: The Finished Product

The blueprints are ready, now it is time to manufacture your closet systems. Prescott residents are patient people but we still make sure that once manufacturing is done in a timely manner.