Closet Design Prescott

California Closets has been serving the Valley of the Sun since 1978. The independently owned franchise provides the world’s leading closet design to Prescott and surrounding communities. With the accumulated design experience and community ties of 30 years, the company stays committed to innovation, as is evident in the design process.

About California Closets Prescott’s Innovative Closet Design Process

The whole process starts off in the old-fashioned way, with a face-to-face consultation. When you schedule a complimentary appointment, a designer will pay a visit to your home. The goal of this initial meeting is to establish a long-lasting relationship with you. The designer’s objective is to be a caretaker to your Prescott home, for all future closet design needs.

Together you will assess how the storage space in question can be better designed. Sharpening your focus, the designer will ask, how do you envision using the space in the future? What is the great source of clutter in your home?

They will take measurements of the storage space to determine the storage capacity of the wall and the potential for shelving and hanging space.

At this point the closet design process in your Prescott home becomes technological. The physical dimensions and your creative vision combine as information the designer feeds into a computer simulation. The sophisticated software renders your storage space in three dimensions, allowing you not only to virtually visit it but also to experiment with the design.

Prescott Closet Design, from Virtual Reality to Actual Reality

The next step, once the project’s plans are finalized is sending them to the factory near Prescott. The closet design hardware is installed by a friendly and professional team.