Closet Company Prescott

Your locally owned and operated closet company serving Prescott is a franchise of California Closets. Since 1978, when California Closets was founded, the brand was been synonymous with innovative and beautiful custom storage design. Inventive use of space and a unique design process is their signature.

Working with You at Prescott’s Closet Company

The process of working with California Closets on any project is always a personal, and fulfilling affair. Customers come out of the project with a beautiful improvement to their home and a sense of creative empowerment.

The initial step of working with Prescott’s closet company is scheduling an appointment with a designer. The home storage expert will come for a visit at your house and start sketching out the contours of the project.

The goal of the first consultation is to help you identify your goals. What are your storage needs? How do you envision using the space?

The designer takes your vision and applies it to the physical dimensions of the space (assessing for wall capacity, shelving and hanging space). Together, you come up with different scenarios to address your needs and give expression to your aesthetic tastes.

The next step is a definite favorite in Prescott. What makes this closet company unique is the use a computer simulation that allows the customer to virtually walk through their storage space and experiment with the design. Adjust the configuration, lighting, color, accent and more!

Prescott’s Closet Company Makes Your Dream Reality

The last step involves turning the virtual to the physical. Brand new closets and accessories are minted for you at the nearby factory. Then the closet company sends a team to your Prescott home and they complete the installation in less than one day guaranteed.