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Resolutions aren’t just for the first of January.  They’re for any time you are determined to make the most of what you have and decide to set in motion a plan to achieve that.  There is no better time than now to start and no better place than with the storage design innovations of California Closets Poway.

Resolve to Improve Your Life with Closets Poway

It Starts with Storage

Many times our resolutions revolve around streamlining ourselves and our lifestyles; making things more shipshape and giving our lives a clearer direction.  Which is what makes the closet the perfect area to begin, the very place where most people make their first decision of the day.   What should be a pleasant sifting of wardrobe options is far too often a frustrating hunt for missing clothes or the elusive matching shoe.  And sometimes even when you find what you’re looking for, it’s wrinkled and unwearable due to ill-storage. 

Closets Poway to the Rescue

Fortunately, the solution is just a call away.  Schedule an appointment with a California Closets Poway specialist and watch the design for your new closet take shape.  Customizing a closet to your needs and requirements is their specialty and their design software will allow you to see a virtual finished product even before the work begins.

Your Design, Your Budget

Customizing doesn’t just stop with layout and finishes either.  Your Poway closet consultant will also tailor your plan to fit a budget you’re comfortable with and is in line with your needs.  No guesswork, no anxiety; just a fully-planned, well-executed addition to your home.

Make a Change Today with California Closets Poway

Out with the clutter and in with an amazing set of design ideas and solutions for a new closet and a new you!



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