Storage Organization for Pleasanton Homes

Pleasanton is certainly a bustling mid-sized city -- between the high profile corporation headquarters in Hacienda Business Park, the annual Alameda County fair, and our lively downtown with its cute restaurants, and specialty retailers, it's no wonder Pleasanton families keep themselves busy with work and activities. But that's no excuse to ignore the organization of your home! You've invested too much to abandon it to clutter. California Closets Pleasanton specializes in helping Pleasanton homeowners use customized storage organization solutions to take back control over their dwelling and live in harmony, not pandemonium. The best part? An orderly home gives you more time to live, work, and play in Pleasanton.

3 Storage Organization Tips from California Closets

  1. Take a trinket time out. With all of the little home storage organization products out on the market -- from jewelry trees to space bags to key dishes -- it's tempting. But the truth is they are often temporary solutions to a larger storage organization problem, and in the end, the trinkets usually end up becoming clutter themselves.
  2. Never use the word "miscellaneous." Every item can be categorized -- really! Extra Christmas decorations? "Holiday Decor." Buttons? "Crafts" or "Clothing Accessories." Do not EVER doubt your ability to put anything and everything into a storage organization category.
  3. Seek and ye shall find. There are so many nooks and crannies in your home that you might think is destined to be unused space for storage organization. But you can make these areas into productive and enjoyable home storage organization space. California Closets has created unique home offices, wine storage options, libraries, pantries, and craft home storage areas in the most unexpected places.

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