Playa Vista Closet Company

You look at your storage areas and know they could use a little help. Clothing is jammed together and assorted piles of your belongings lie in disordered tangles on the floor. What you don’t know is how to go about getting that help. Without the right tools and knowledge, bringing order to this chaos is a daunting task. Why not call California Closets, the number one Playa Vista closet company?

Out With the Old

The original design of your home probably didn’t pay a lot of attention to the layout of the storage spaces.  For many years, the standard hanging rod and maybe some basic shelving was deemed sufficient.  The truth is, though, that this kid of generic storage doesn’t have the flexibility to adequately house and display all of your wardrobe and accessories.

Fortunately, there has been a revolution in the storage industry in the last 30 years, led by California Closets, the closet company Playa Vista residents have come to count on.  California Closets has developed a wide range of innovative products that create storage opportunities where you might have thought there were none.  We capitalize on every single bit of space in your closet to build multiple levels of storage that get rid of the clutter and replace it with a clean, intelligent design that is a pleasure to use every day.

It’s a pleasure to look at as well, as California Closet designs come in an impressive array of materials, finishes and colors.  Your reimagined storage space will not only be functional, but will also integrate beautifully into the décor of your home.

California Closets – the Closet Company Playa Vista Trusts

Give your storage area the help it needs by arranging for a complimentary, in-house consultation with a California Closets design pro today!