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Playa Del Rey

Welcome to California Closets Playa Del Rey

Wish to reorganize your home and refresh how it feels? At, California Closets Playa Del Rey we have been helping local homeowners do just that for over 28 years. We are proud to serve this community with personalized home storage solutions to address their evolving needs. 

California Closets Playa Del Rey’s Signature Design Process

When you contact us to schedule an appointment, either by phone or through the web, we send a designer over to you for a free consultation. Right away the two of your get down to business, with creativity and commitment, and without any headaches. 

At this point, the objective is to translate all of your storage concerns and aesthetic preferences into the design concepts. Your designer will help you flesh out your goals and make them concrete. This working relationship is an important component of the California Closets Playa Del Rey design process.

The second part of the meeting involves assessing the physical space for its capacity: wall dimensions, hanging storage, and shelving storage. 

Now, with the parameters set and the goals clear, we work as a staff to envision a product unique for you. We map out the design on an interactive computer program and invite you to take a look. The program allows you to do a virtual walkthrough of the storage space and make changes as you see fit. For all clients working with California Closets Playa Del Rey, this is their favourite step. 

Concluding the California Closets Playa Del Rey Process

With the design finalized, the plans are sent to the local California Closets Playa Del Rey manufacturing facility. Once the closets are ready, they are installed by a professional team in under one day’s work, guaranteed. 

Playa Del Rey


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