Keep Your Plano Pantry Organization Levels High

There is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than a well stocked pantry. The pantry in most Plano homes is the most used storage space in the house. No matter if you are in a single dwelling apartment or a large family home bursting with kids (and their friends) your pantry will be visited several times a day. The term 'well-stocked' doesn't just mean a pantry filled with beautiful food. It also means a pantry where all your food items are visible, clean and accessible. Pantry organization is easier than you think. It is really just the simple matter of storing your most commonly used items nearest to the door and those you use least store up high or in less accessible spots.

Pantry Organization Tips From Our Experts

Here are some pantry organization tips from the design experts at California Closets Plano to help you ensure your home pantry is a beautiful and organized space.

1. Group Like-Items together

Visibility is key to any storage space. Grouping like-items together helps visibility in your pantry. There are many items in your panty, so if you are looking for a specific item and can't find it, but see similar items in a group you will know you are looking in the right spot. Some common groups of like-items you will find in a pantry are snacks, breakfast items, condiments, candy items, spices, seasoning, cooking oil, and baking goods.

2. Create Zones

When it comes to creating zones you want to think about where you want to locate these groups of items. What is the most logical place to put them? Think about ‘prime real estate’ in your pantry. The items you use on a daily basis are those you want be within arms reach in your pantry (this is often snacks, breakfast foods). When it comes to your less frequently used items you should think about storing them up high in your pantry (these might be things like decorative vases or appliances that are only occasionally used).

3. Use containers

Containers can help to establish zones and keep your like-items together. You might have airtight containers for your snack zone; mason jars in baskets or small bins for a baking zone; cereal containers for a breakfast zone.

California Closets Plano has a wide range of storage solutions to fit any home pantry from custom pantry storage designed just for you, to pantry shelf organizers. Stop in today and let one of the friendly instore designers take you through the many options available today.