Transformed Plano Garage Storage

Your garage is the perfect place to keep those household items that are too big to keep inside. It's also the place to store occasional items like Christmas decorations or sporting gear that are only needed at certain times of. Your garage is the space you keep those items you have to hold onto because you just know you are going to need them one day. The only problem is when that day comes often your garage with so many other similar items that it is impossible to find. Because of the nature and shape of the items you store in your garage it is also one of the most disorganized spaces in many Plano homes. But never fear. A quick visit to California Closets Irving can transform you garage right now!

Garage Organization Tops From Our Experts

Follow these tips to help transform your garage to a functional and organized space that will be the envy of your friends.

1. Book out a weekend and get the entire family to help organize the garage. By investing themselves in the process, they will be more inclined to put things back where they belong.

2. Sift through your belongings and sort them out in four different piles: stays in garage, shouldn’t be in garage, garage sale items, and donation items.

3. After clearing out the garage, park your car inside and determine how much space you have for garage storage.

4. Look through the items and sort them into groups according to either the type of item (cleaning equipment, gardening tools etc) or the time of year they are needed (christmas decorations, camping equipment).

5. Once you have determined the items you need to store and the space to have it's time for a visit to California Closets Plano. An instore designer will discuss with you your storage needs and come up with amazing customized solutions to fit any space, and any budget.

6. Talk to your designer about other creative storage ideas such as hooks, organizers, and unique garage storage cabinets, offered exclusively by California

7. Utilize containers. Put similar items together and store them away in containers with clear and concise labels.

8. Use storage containers or drawers for storing smaller items such as nails and screws.

9. Don’t forget to use vertical space! Your California Closets designer will help you make the most of all the space in your garage, including what’s up top!

So come on in to California Closets Plamo and transform your garage space!