Custom Closets Plano

Today, it is obvious to everyone what custom closets are. Customized storage solutions have grown from a small business into a substantial industry. Homeowners clamor for efficient and beautiful closets that transcend the cupboards of old. California Closets can be credited for bringing custom closets to many places, including Plano and the entire Dallas area.

Plano Custom Closets: A Tradition

Despite how novel custom closets may seem, in our 30 plus years leading the industry, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have evolved with time, but the formula is pretty simple and everlasting.

Here are the components that make up superb Plano custom closets:

1. Materials are locally procured and finished. Since they represent the building blocks of our whole world, we make sure to get the highest grade glass, steel, wood, plastic, and other materials. The type of materials we use is innovative, and we often depart from the traditional material of other furniture.

2. Design teams work with creative fervor to always escape blandness, and strive toward ingenuity with an eye toward the classics. Our engineers accomplish some amazing feats and use advanced computer models to turn the designer’s imagination into reality.

3. Everything we make is customizable. We try our best to anticipate the various needs of our customers, and then we make our custom closets even more customizable. Plano residents have no lack of choices in configuring their closets to their particular homes.

It is no wonder that we are the largest custom closet company. Not only in Plano, but all over the world.

Plano Custom Closets at Your Finger Tips

Plano residents, introduce yourselves to the wonderful world of California Closets custom closets! You may schedule a free design consultation online. If you are already one of our cherished patrons, come on over, because we are always cooking something new.