Planning Your Home Redesign in Las Vegas


Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

As we’re coming to a close on 2016 here in Las Vegas, you may be setting some goals, aspirations and ideas for 2017. When it comes to the home, it can be overwhelming thinking about how to budget, plan and redesign your space. Here are some ideas to get you in the New Year mode, whether you live in Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Henderson, or Las Vegas.

Turn Your Spare Room into a Walk-in Closet

Do you have an extra storage space that you never use? Or that “office” that only gets used twice a year? Turn it into a walk-in closet! Building a walk-in closet not only better organizes your belongings; it will give you a luxurious space you’ll actually want to spend time in. Put your most prized possessions on display instead of thrown in the back of your cluttered closet. Here are some walk-in closet accessories for inspiration:

  • Jewelry drawer inserts
  • Designated shelves
  • LED accent lighting and lit glass shelved
  • Pull-out accessories such as belt, tie, and scarf racks
  • Center island and bench seating

Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

Redesign for a Better Reach-in Closet

Sometimes you don’t need to build more space – you simply need a re-organization or redesign. With reach-in closets, it is possible to keep everything organized so you can find things in a snap and beautifully showcase your clothes and accessories. Here are some reach-in closet accessory ideas so you can achieve better organization:

  • Install multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, drawers, baskets and hampers
  • Add pullout accessories such as belt, tie, scarf and valet rods to maximize space
  • Consider on or off-the floor drawers and shelves to achieve the right look and design aesthetic
  • Install a set of drawers to ensure optimal organization

Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

Install a Murphy Bed

Haven’t heard this term in a while? The Murphy bed, or “wall bed” is making a comeback. Why? In a constant battle of people vs. available space, making a two-in-one room will give you the freedom to achieve all of your goals. You’ll have the freedom to host guests when they’re in town, and then use the room for another function when they’re gone, such as: a home office, kids playroom, fitness room, or craft area.

Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

Reorganize Your Pantry

The kitchen is one of the spotlights of the home, and it can definitely make or break your enjoyment of home cooking and entertainment. Having a beautiful, well-designed pantry is the key to a great kitchen. Pantry accessories such as shelving, drawers, and baskets combine to accommodate specific needs and uses, ensuring accessibility and order in a space where items are continually removed and replaced. Here are some pantry design ideas:

  • Sliding storage shelves allow for easy access to canned goods, while vertical shelf dividers organize everything beautifully
  • Wine racks and stemware holders cleverly store bottles and glassware
  • Pull-out racks for linens and vertical shelf dividers for mops, brooms and cleaning supplies organize often-used items

Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

Build A Media Center

Make Netflix nights, movie nights and entertaining guests that much more enjoyable by installing a built-in or TV entertainment center. The best part is that it also doubles as storage! If you have kids, you can attest that no matter what, toys will clutter the living room. Installing extra drawer and cabinet space in your media center will discreetly hide them away from guests (or for your own sanity). Here are some accessory ideas for your entertainment or media center:

  • Floor to ceiling white slab doors make the entertainment center feel clean and sophisticated
  • Open shelving to display collectibles
  • Cubbies for extra storage
  • Push-to-open hardware for easy use
  • LED light doors for a modern touch

Planning Your Home Redesign in 2017 Las Vegas

And lastly, the best thing you can do to plan for your new home in 2017 and to enlist the help of the professionals from California Closets of Las Vegas. California Closets has been building storage solutions and custom closets for nearly four decades, and believes great design transforms people’s lives. Schedule your free in-home design consultation today.



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