Wall Beds Plainfield

Once the kids have moved out of the house, you're left with a couple of spare rooms that offer a ton of space for any kind of project. But when they, or any other friends or family, come to your home to visit, not having a place for them to rest their heads becomes problematic. Preserving that multi-purpose feel of the spare room is your goal, but you don't want to sacrifice the comfort of people you care about to achieve it. Wall beds Plainfield are the perfect solution for homeowners who like to provide comfort for guests and convenience for themselves.

Wall Beds Plainfield Can Be Put To Use Right Away

Guests Are Covered

You're going to have to toss those air mattresses out once you add wall beds Plainfield from California Closets, because the comfort provided by these dynamic units is simply unmatched by other temporary beds you'll find. These are real mattresses offering a truly comfortable place to stretch out for the night--not your quick fix solutions that might leave your guests stretching their tight backs out in the morning. And using our unique pull-down or roll-out functions, that spare room can quickly be a devoted sleeping area in just a matter of minutes.

Yours To Use

The kids are gone, and their rooms provide ample potential for an art studio, music room, or office, but that bulky mattress commands the majority of the available space. Wall beds Plainfield can finally return that valuable space to your storage repertoire, as the bare space on the walls are put to use with a closet system that both houses the mattress and keeps the surrounding area organized. The ideas for ways you could use this new-found space may already be kicking around in your head!

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