Murphy Beds Plainfield

They say that time is of the essence. But being efficient about use of space is just as important. With families that grow and needs that change the home is a place that must evolve. While it is always beneficial to have an active storage system, Murphy beds in your Plainfield home can give you a brand new level of control over your domestic space.

Rising Popularity of Murphy Beds in Plainfield

Everyday, more and more people are discovering the magical qualities of Murphy beds. Plainfield is no exception. California Closets has updated and upgraded a classic design making Murphy beds that improve on the original by leaps and bounds.

The New Murphy Bed

First, with a modern mechanism, Murphy beds fold into the wall with ease, requiring only the lightest touch of a lever. Second, they are also completely safe so you can get it out of your head the image of the bed folding up on its own accord like the old comedies. Finally, Murphy beds will look great in your Plainfield home. That is, they will not look like anything at all. The designers know how to camouflage them to appear as no more than a closet system or media center.


Tired of using your couch as the guest bed, or having to inflate a rubbery mattress and put it in the office? Invest in wall beds because you believe in good hospitality but do not want to give up on having a spare room for other purposes.

The Best of Both Worlds in Plainfield Murphy Beds

Empower yourself and make the move toward a more flexible and functional home. For the Murphy Beds Plainfield find the most useful, contact California Closets today.