Closet Design Pine Brook

Pine Brook is a beautiful place to raise a family. The homes in Pine Brook benefit from premium closet design at our local California Closets location. Having contributed to the community for over 25 years, we know that a closet design Pine Brook can bring a home and a family tranquility and harmony.

Pine Brook Closet Design: An American Original

When California Closets got its start, there was no such thing as a custom closets industry. The only way to get specialized storage solutions was to go through a specialty craftsperson. Nowadays we still have the craftspeople, but we made the service available to hundreds of communities all across the world.

We are still the largest custom storage solutions company in the world, with locations spanning from our original store on the West Coast all the way across the country to you in New Jersey. Closet design Pine Brook products are available for every room in the house, including the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, media center, home office, garage and more.

When we tell our customers about our world class closet design Pine Brook, what we say is that we know the community, first and foremost. We know that each member of the community has unique needs and tastes. The goal is to create something that is both beautiful and functional according to your specific vision. We follow your lead so that you can make all the right decisions. The professional support behind each and every choice you make is unparalleled, and our customer retention rate tells us we are doing something right.

Pine Brook Design for the New Decade

After 30 years of industry leading closet design, we will continue to offer Pine Brook the best of the best. Looking at the decade ahead, we envision new concepts and styles because of the hardworking professionals at California Closets. Ahead of us we have a lifetime warranty with a lifetime of innovation.