Custom Storage Pickering

The weekend has rolled around and it’s time to put up the holiday decorations. You’re certain that you have a few grand pieces from last year, but you just can’t manage to find them. Or, maybe you know where they are, but you can’t access them because there’s too much other stuff blocking your way. If you’re ready to transition into the world of organization, then consider working with California Closets to install Pickering custom storage.

Take Your Picker Custom Storage to the Next Level

We’re specialists in transforming unsightly, disorganized storage areas into well-arranged masterpieces.  Having worked in the home improvement industry for years, our Pickering custom storage is not going to be beat.  We’ve perfected the method of overcoming obstacles and awkward spaces.  When you’re about to beautify your home’s storage areas, then you should absolutely look into Pickering custom storage.  

When we start the process of developing your Pickering custom storage, it begins with a free consultation.  Let us work with you to figure out exactly what it is you want, and together, we’re sure to find a magnificent solution.  We’ll take the measurements, you give us your vision, and then we’ll hit the drawing board.  Using 3D imaging technology, we create a virtual rendition of what your unique Pickering custom storage would look like.

Make the Transition to Beauty

At this point, you still have time to make adjustments to your personalized storage system.  Everything from colour, finish and wall space are yours to play with.  Once you have all the details taken care of, we’ll get it ready to install.  Then, our team of installation experts will come set up your Pickering custom storage.  As easy as pie, you’re working with Pickering custom storage that you’re happy you purchased.  When you’re ready to make the transition to organization, contact one of our friendly store represenatives.