Wall Beds Phoenix

Every product to come out of production, from closet organizers to entertainment centers, comes with the California Closets seal of quality. As of recently even more resources and attention have been put into developing advanced, 21st century wall beds. Phoenix homeowners are on to the trend.

21st Century Wall Beds for Phoenix

Ever seen a wall bed and wondered if you could have one? In any domestic situation with limited space, be it a college dorm, or a small cottage for a growing family, limited space is a major issue. While California Closets has long been the innovator and industry leader in storage solutions that save space and help with clutter, the company also has a line of luxurious wall beds.

We have grown accustomed to seeing wall beds only in one place: on screen. They make for a punch line in slapstick comedy, especially in silent films. But in reality, wall beds are catching steam in Phoenix and elsewhere across the nation as a modern and sensible choice.

A modern lifting mechanism not only makes these beds extremely safe but also easy to operate. Folding the bed into the wall takes only the lightest touch as does lowering it onto the ground.

Add flexibility and functionality to any room with the help of a wall bed from California Closets Phoenix. Is that blow up mattress not striking the fancy of guests? Would you like the home office to double as a guest room? Couldn’t be easier. With innumerable customizable styles you will easily find something that suits the room where the wall bed will be installed. They can be made to integrate into the wall completely appearing as no more than a media center or closet system.

Ordering Wall Beds in Phoenix

It is as easy as calling the franchise or visiting the website and scheduling a free design consultation to take place at your Phoenix home. Wall beds are readily available and easy to install.