Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization. Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same. Especially when it comes to finding personalized solutions to organization challenges.

The California Closets Phoenix team is passionate about creating unique, high-quality designs for your home. Most of our top-notch design consultants and expertly trained installers have worked with us for 5-10 years. They bring a wealth of experience to every project.

The design process is fully collaborative and starts with you, the client, and what you envision for your living space or office. All levels of our company maintain good communication throughout the process in order to give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

We think of you as neighbors first and customers second, and treat your homes as if they were our own.

Visit our showroom and begin dreaming of your ideal space. Our design consultants will work with you to envision a solution that fits your needs and is unique to your home. Applying years of expertise and utilizing custom 3D imaging software, they will create a virtual walk-through, enabling you to “see” your solution before it exists. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to working with you.

Cathy Abbott-Williams, Senior Design Consultant

I have been a designer with California Closets for 11 years. I have satisfied the needs of clients from large custom homes to the new parents planning a closet for their baby’s arrival.My job first and foremost is to make a closet function well. I spend a lot of time with clients understanding the inventory that needs to go in a closet and how they want to utilize the area. Then, I design elements that are aesthetically beautiful, while still keeping the client’s budget in mind.

Pat Fredericks, Senior Design Consultant

My main focus is to discover my clients' needs while understanding their design style. The quote "simplify your life" says it all. I truly enjoy interacting with my clients - presenting them with our extensive lines of products and accessories and helping them simplify their busy lives.I love the range of products we offer our customers - especially the Lago Italian Finishes. They add a contemporary option to our product mix.

Rebecca Boehner, Senior Design Consultant

I love helping people get organized! I have always believed that when your surroundings are organized, your life is easier. Being organized reduces stress, increases productivity and allows you to spend less time cleaning and searching for things. You gain more time to spend on the things that really matter in life.

Aaron Pieratt, Design Consultant

I have been in design and remodeling throughout my entire professional career. During my five years at California Closets, I've worked with a range of clients to create unique solutions that fit their lifestyles and priorities. I engage with every customer to fully understand their needs and design a specific storage solution that meets them. I truly enjoy getting to know my clients, and I bring an easygoing personality to the whole process. My clients can relax with a stress-free project that results in the perfect closet system for them.

Sheryl Campbell, Design Consultant

I have always had a passion for organization, and incorporating that into a career that helps others organize their lives is a dream come true!  Getting to know each customer and their specific needs and wants is a must to start the design process. Following through with excellent customer service coupled with our superior product, I can create an experience that leaves my customers happy and confident.

Allison Newland, Design Consultant

California Closets is the perfect fit for me.  I have always had a knack for space.  I enjoy seeing how to fit  everything you want in a given area.  All that considered I want to hear from you, the client, to see how you work and what style you would like.  Because we design in a 3D CAD system, it is very easy for you to be a part of the design process.  I especially love all the different products and finishes that California Closets has to offer to give you the space you have always wanted while keeping up with design trends.

Katie Black, Design Consultant

I moved from Toronto in 2005 and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design in 2010 from Northern Arizona University. I have always been obsessed with design, organization, and space planning ever since I was young, and it is great to be able to apply this education and skills to my designs every day.

Gisela Matelski, Design Consultant

Before joining California Closets, I worked as an Interior Designer for 15 years in both residential and commercial design.  Many projects involved custom cabinetry and furnishings that required close collaboration with a client and strong attention to detail.  I love the process of taking an idea, exploring the possibilities, and making it a reality. 

Kimberli Terranova, Design Consultant

I come to California Closets with a BA in Interior design and 30+ years’ experience as an interior designer.  I surpass a level of dedication and personal attention to detailed organization and value for stylish solutions.  My gift to connect and interpret clients aspirations and needs by customizing 3D Cad drawings that bring to life the passion for every detail that leaves a lasting impression that uniquely individual to each client.  I thrive on the opportunity to create