Murphy Beds Phoenix

There can be quite a predicament when deciding what to do with your spare room. Do you turn it into a guest bedroom, gym or home office? A murphy bed from California Closets Phoenix has the solution to your dilemma! Murphy beds allow you to house your guests comfortably while allowing you to utilize your space for your other daily needs!

California Closets Phoenix Murphy Beds are Easy to Use!

Imagining a bed that folds down from the wall seems a bit dangerous. However, our Phoenix murphy bed company installs beds that are extremely safe and easy to use! With just a few steps, you can create a comfortable sleeping arrangement for your guests and family! The whole process takes less than twenty minutes, allowing you to not fret over last minute visitors!

Our Phoenix Murphy Bed Team Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Spare Room

A murphy bed allows you to really get the most of your space while not sacrificing comfort. Blow up mattresses and sofa beds can be quite uncomfortable and awkward to sleep on. A wall bed has a real mattress and operates just like an extra bed but without taking up the space!

Your Murphy Bed Will Not Be An Eyesore!

We know there are plenty of Phoenix Murphy bed companies to choose from. However, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the work we provide. California Closets Phoenix has been in business for over twenty years and worked with many different styles of homes. They completely customize the wall bed to match the aesthetics of your home and have a large selection of designs. Your murphy bed will blend right in and match the furniture, color and overall layout of the room.

Have Room For Your Hobbies!

Our Phoenix murphy bed company allows you to get the most out of your space, whether you need a designated area to practice your yoga or an area where your kids can play safely.  Call California Closets Phoenix today for your free consultation!