Closet Company Phoenix

Like many of our customers who have been coming to visit our closet company in Phoenix for years, you will feel right at home. California Closets Phoenix is a locally owned and operated franchise, combining friendly, local service with the innovative product design of an international brand.

Phoenix Closet Company that Focuses on Custom Design

What distinguishes California Closets from all the store-bought home storage options is that every one of our products is custom made for you. Custom storage is a huge step up on the stock option that comes with new homes. In 1978 we pioneered the custom storage industry and since then our drive to innovative has not been satiated. We continue to be the standard bearer in terms of quality, professional service and beautiful design. Our reputation speaks for itself.

We craft custom closets with timeless designs but modern amenities. When you work with us you partner with a professional designer. Their job is to understand your vision for the renovation project and harness the company’s resources. But it does not end there. Whatever overall product or style line you choose there is further customization. You have the option of experimenting with colors, accents, and configurations using the advanced software that we developed at our closet company. Phoenix homeowners love the technological aspect of the work.

No other company is as committed to putting you at the helm of the design process. Custom closets are an opportunity for self-expression and our job is to empower your creativity.

Like No Other Closet Company in Phoenix

If you are new to the world of custom storage come visit the showroom and prepare to be impressed. For a beautiful, clutter-free home, choose our Phoenix closet company.