Cheryl Harvey, Senior Design Consultant

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The Greater Philadelphia Area

The most important part of my job is developing a trust and rapport with each client. I want to know what is important to them and understand their daily routines and design a custom solution that will mesh perfectly with their lifestyle. My favorite part of this job is getting people excited about organizing their lives and their homes.  I want them to know that organizing within their personal space will only help them put their best foot forward on a daily basis. I think our Lago Collection is fantastic. I love the sleek nature of this product and the "green" quality it offers. The rich colors are outstanding and quite beautiful.

My background is in Interior and Environmental design. Before coming to California Closets, I worked a great deal with architects and interior designers.  As a result, I’ve got a firm foundation in space planning and a wealth of case studies from which to pull when working with customers today.  I’ve been with California Closets for over 14 years and I love it.