Expert Tips: 10 Ways to Love Your Home


Any sized home can be beautiful, inspiring and organized. Here are some simple tips from our California Closet design experts to give some positive karma and energy to your space - so you can fall in love all over again with your personal haven.


1. Donate

Everyone has extra stuff stashed away. Perhaps it’s in a closet, junk drawer, garage or storage unit. If you aren’t using it or won’t use it in the future, donate it. You get a tax write off and help someone else less fortunate. Some places even pick up larger items for you.

2. Rearrange

It’s like getting a new room for nothing. Couch in the same place for 5 years? Try it on a different wall. Move the mirror or change the drapes. Moving items around not only changes the floor plan, but also the way you view each item.

3. Add a plant or flowers

Even if you don’t have a green thumb there are lots of plants that can survive or even thrive in your home. Talk to the nursery/garden attendant at your local store about which ones require the least amount of sunlight and do well indoors.

Not only will the pop of color add to your room, plants produce oxygen making for better air. 


4. Clean

Choose a room and give it a deep clean: sweep/mop the floors, dust the shelves, any fans and all knick-knacks, the doorjambs and everyhing in between. If you have carpeting, rent a steam cleaner for a deep down clean vacuum’s can’t offer. See how different you feel afterwards.

5. Light it up

Lighting can be dramatic and affect emotions. Rooms feel bigger, more grown up and have better ambience if you use at least 3 light sources in a room. Don’t forget to change out any standard bulbs for energy efficient ones! It will save you money on your electric bill!

6. Try a new dish

So you’re not Chef Ramsey, that’s ok! Try out a new recipe or make one you haven’t in a while. Getting out a recipe and making something from scratch warms the kitchen, which is commonly known as the heart of the home.

7. Good Rest

The bedroom is where we spend most of our time at home and where we should be at the most peace. Consider getting new sheets (lots of organic and environmentally sustainable options available) or maybe a new comforter, etc. to spruce up your Zen space.

8. Add Art

Showcase some family photos, images from trips or get some new art. Color enlivens a space and putting up images that make you happy are constant good thought reminders. Need some new work? Go local… most cities have small, local galleries, art festivals and charity stores where original art from local people is available at reasonable prices. Also, check out sites like

9. Scents

One of the most powerful senses, scent is important for happiness – and sometimes health. A musty smell could indicate mold, which left untreated could lead to serious health risks. Also, fresh scents naturally make you feel happier. Try out some new candles, or flameless options in multiple scents, in different rooms.


10. Invite people over

Sometimes it just takes one compliment to help you view your home in a whole new light. Others’ eyes often see some of the gems our homes have hidden. Plus, now that you’ve rearranged, cleaned up and spruced up it’s time to show it off!