Closet Company Peoria

Peoria closet company is your new local branch of California Closets, intent on bringing the miracle of home organization customized to every last inch right to your doorstep.

Meet Your New Local Experts

If you have been waiting to renovate your home but just haven't found the right time, let us at this Peoria closet company help.  We have years of experience that will be brought to your home to build up your ideal closet.

We Treat You Right

If you've had a bad taste in your mouth from previous home upgrade experiences that has made you wary about proceeding with more such projects, your Peoria closet company, California Closets, has a solution.  We train our consultants and employees in detail about how to work with you through the customizing process.  Not to mention, we only hire highly compassionate yet competitive individuals.


We'll make sure to work through the process quickly, with no slight mistakes that cause colossal delays; with no hangups or glitches.  1-2-3: this Peoria closet company customizes, plans, ships and builds.  It's a beautiful science which will have your house grinning.

This is the Year!

Let's make it happen for your home this year with a new closet organizer from California Closets, your Peoria closet company!