Peoria Closet Organizers For Your Home

Many people struggle to make their closets feel less cramped, but starting from scratch isn't easy. Fortunately, California Closets is here to help. Our professional closet organizers have years of experience tackling even the most cluttered and disorganized of closets, turning them into beautiful and inviting spaces to store all of your most personal belongings. The effects of an organized closet radiate throughout your entire day – from waking up and choosing an outfit to finding a safe space to store your favorite keepsakes. You don't have to go another day feeling defeated when you open your closet door. Stop by California Closets Peoria today to schedule a consultation with a closet organizer and get on the high road to a clean closet!

Closet Tips Anyone Can Use For Better Storage

If you don't know where to start, try these tips from our professional Peoria closet organizers:

1. Make use of every space!

To make the most of your closet, utilize every nook and cranny to create storage options where there previously were none. Whether you use a half-size hanging rod to free up unused space left by a full-size rod or give up rods completely and fold all of your clothes, there is always a way to maximize the space in your closet. 

2. Choose the right shelves.

Shelving is a great way to add storage space to a closet, but it's important to not go too small or too wide. Shelves that are too narrow are easy to fit into cramped closets, but it may be difficult to stack objects on them without toppling over. On the contrary, shelves that are too wide take up too much space and may not be necessary. Our closet organizers are experts at designing custom shelves for your closet that will fit perfectly.

3. Old clothes? Throw them out!

We understand how much that dress means to you. Unfortunately, despite all its sentimental value, you're probably not going to wear it anytime soon if you haven't worn it in years. Getting rid of items you don't need is one of the hardest parts of closet organization, but the space you free up and the clutter you get rid of will be more than worth the price of donating or throwing out lesser used items.

Expert Closet Organizers at California Closets

Allow the closet organizers and designers at California Closets Peoria to incorporate the above concepts and more into a customized closet solution for your home. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Scottsdale to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet, garage storage system, home office and more.