Transforming Bedrooms With Peachtree City Wall Beds

The stigma attached to wall beds goes all the way back to the silent movies of old, when they would snap back into place with an unsuspecting guest looking at a lengthy stay in an uncomfortable spot. These days, however, the name of the game with wall beds is practicality, and California Closets can show you why. With our Peachtree City wall beds, we emphasize style, comfort, and versatility, as we can truly change a room with a snap of a finger. Beds used to dictate how a room could function, but with our Peachtree City wall beds, the uses of these spaces will multiply right away.

Now You See Them, Now You Don't

Peachtree City wall beds provide a multitude of benefits. Here are just several for your consideration:

Comfort For Guests Guaranteed

Everyone gets a kick out of hosting friends and family, but when it comes time to assign sleeping spaces, no one wants to get the short straw of having to pull a spare mattress out of the garage, or worse, having to risk waking up in a deflated pool of rubber. As a host, you'll be thrilled offering a comfortable, easy to operate series of Peachtree City wall beds. They're comfortable because they're real mattresses, and simple to unfurl because our pull-down or roll-out methods were designed with ease in mind. Your spare room will turn into a perfectly usable place to rest in no time.

Surrounding Style Considered

Your new Peachtree City wall beds will be a joy to sleep on, but they'll be pulling their weight when not in use on the functional and stylistic fronts also. These units include our dynamic closet organizers, which will provide extra storage space for you to use when the bed is in its upright position. You can choose the look and feel of your products, allowing you to get a complement to the style that you've worked hard to solidify over your time in your home.