Custom Closets Parker

If it’s time to re-imagine your home design then you have reached the right place. At California Closets, we have been retrofitting Parker homes with advanced custom closets since 1983 when we established our local franchise. Closets make up the chassis of your home’s interior—they are the basis for good design and the home of your dreams.

The Unique Advantages Of Our Parker Custom Closets

It all starts with the people. Our team members combine design skills, creativity, and product knowledge to offer you the best service in the industry. They work with you on a personal basis to realize the custom closets you always wanted. Parker residents know they can rely on the professionalism of our staff to accomplish any project.

The second advantage is in our materials and components. When you work with California Closets you are working with the largest custom storage company in the world. We practically invented the industry that has allowed millions of Americans to chuck the generic stuff and seek a more organized and stylish living space. Here are just some of the things you can expect form your Parker custom closets:

1. We have the largest variety of accessories, designs and accents on the market.

2. Our products are ergonomically designed, utilizing every corner and groove for utmost comfort.

3. An emphasis on environmentally friendly products.

The last and most exciting aspect of our company is the unique design process that gives you the reins. Your input and selections guide the entire process. Our software allows you to experiment with the entire array of our products and visualize the result in 3D!

Start Personalizing and Accessorizing with Parker Custom Closets

A click of the mouse or a quick phone call is all you need in order to schedule a complimentary and private consultation with our experts. Your Parker home will be ready with new custom closets in no time!