Pantry Cabinet Makeover

California Closets can take care of most of your kitchen makeover process, from the beginning design conception to the final installation and polished ends of your new pantry cabinet.

But there's one part we can't help you with: stocking your new kitchen! Hopefully, throughout the process you've been considering how you use your kitchen and what you'd like to put in your pantry cabinet, once complete.

How To: Stock your New Pantry Cabinet

First things first: Throw away anything past its expiration date and consolidate multiples of items that are half used from your old pantry cabinet. You can't create something new and amazing without first getting rid of the old!

Get organized: after taking inventory of what you already have, make a grocery list. Divide all of the items up into separate categories: canned goods, dry starches, herbs & spices, condiments, oils, etc. This will save you time at the store because you won't have to keep walking from aisle to aisle.

1. Buying canned and jarred staples is a surefire way to to always be prepared for dinner. Tuna, canned beans and sauces are a great answer to the "what can I make for dinner?" question. Canned tomatoes, for example, are a great base for a number of recipes -- not just pasta sauce.

2. When it comes to herbs and spices, if you've included a Lazy Susan in your new kitchen pantry cabinet, you're halfway there! All you have to do is take your old spices and organize them accordingly. Then, with your newfound space, you can supplement them with new items that you may not have thought to buy before. Tip: Penzeys Spices is a great online store for all things spice-related.

3. You'll need the basic oils for frying: we recommend olive oil, canola or sunflower, and one other, such as peanut (if you make a lot of Asian-inspired dishes) or flaxseed (very healthy!) For salad dressings, definitely olive oil and vinegars (red wine, white wine, balsamic, or all three).

4. Condiments are next. For a gourmet kitchen, stretch your imagination beyond the basics. You can find wasabi mayonnaise, all-natural ketchup (no corn syrup!) and strong dijon mustards to stock your pantry cabinet. Good black olives, pickles, capers, and other salty, tangy bites add lots of flavor to meals, too.

5. Even if you don't bake, keep baking supplies in your pantry cabinet. Flour, brown and white sugar, baking powder or soda, cornstarch and vanilla extract should pretty much cover it. You'll use these for creating and thickening sauces and sweetening beverages. (Plus, then you'll be prepared if a neighbor ever comes over to borrow a cup of sugar!)

Get Started on a New Pantry Cabinet

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