Wall Beds Palmer

No matter where we are in the world, we’d all like to have more space. For many, this just doesn’t seem to be an option. That’s where California Closets comes in. Trust in us to provide attractive, unique design solutions that instantly improve on the space you already have. With wall beds Palmer, we easily solve the problem of needing extra sleeping arrangements in a pinch. Perhaps you have unexpected guests, or would just like to have an extra bedroom on hand for whatever life brings you. There’s no wall bed more comfortable, functional or downright convenient than our Palmer wall beds. In an instant, you can provide the perfect place to sleep for your favourite people.

Wall Beds Palmer: Where Beauty Meets Function

Instant Comfort

The pre-conceived notion of ugly, dated walls beds is completely shattered by wall beds Palmer from California Closets. We are firm believers in the undeniable combination of style and purpose. With wall beds Palmer you gain an extra bedroom anywhere, that doubles as an attractive design aspect of your home. Imagine your home office outfitted with a drawer style bed that blends with your existing office decor. Perhaps you’d prefer a fold down bed that is fully functional shelving when not in use. Together, we’ll find a system that is perfect for you.

Ready In Seconds

Setting up an extra bedroom on the fly is bound to be a little tricky, not to mention inconvenient. With our Palmer wall beds, you need less than a moments notice to unfold or ‘roll out’ a comfy bed. Your guests wont feel like a burden, and you can rest assured that they feel right at home. 

Always On Hand

You will love knowing your new Palmer wall bed is there when you need it. Call California Closets today for a complimentary in home consultation.