Closet Company Palmer

There isn’t a room in your home that isn’t affected in one way or another by storage. How you utilize a room’s storage capabilities directly impacts its appearance as well as its usefulness. Make the most out of every room you have by enlisting the aid of California Closets, the top Palmer closet company.

An Improvement for Every Room

If you think closets are only in the bedroom and the front hallway, sit down with a closet company Palmer design expert and let them show you what a critical role storage plays throughout your house.

Kitchen.  Well-designed cabinetry allows you to proudly display certain items like fine china and crystal while also keeping foodstuffs, bowls and appliances accessible but out of sight.

Entertainment Center.  Accommodate all the wonders of our technological age with a customized unit that highlights your TV and other key devices, but also manages the wild tangle of cables, cords and wires that come with them.

Home Office.  It’s great to be able to work from home, but your work space should be designed to maximize your production without detracting from the overall look and flow of your house.

Garage.  A system of hooks and brackets can better utilize wall space and locked cabinets keep valuable tools or potentially harmful chemicals out of reach.  Who knows?  With everything off the floor and securely in place, maybe you’ll be able to carve out room for a hobby or work space.

The Time Is Now

Enhance the value, function and appearance of your home by employing customized storage solutions from California Closets.  Get the ball rolling by scheduling a free, in-house meeting with a closet company Palmer design specialist today.