Wall Beds Palm Harbor

Whether you're living in an apartment where space is at a premium, or have been less than enthused when having friends or family over due to your lack of comfortable accommodations, you're not alone. Committing a mattress to a room is a difficult thing to do, as it immediately halves the number of things that the space can accomplish. To maintain versatility while also preserving the ability to provide a comfortable night's sleep for guests, look no further than California Closets' wall beds Palm Harbor. Untold comfort wrapped in an exterior of convenience and style, these devices will change the way that you use your spare room or apartment for the better.

Wall Beds Palm Harbor Deliver Results

Apartment Success

Rental costs certainly aren't going down, even for studios or bachelor units. This leaves you with space for a mattress, and often times, not much else, forcing you to choose how you use the rest of your space from a short list of options. Wall beds Palm Harbor allow you to dedicate space to a mattress only temporarily, as you'll be able to fold them up into a closet system and use the rest of your apartment to host guests, work out, or tinker away at some of your crafts. You maintain the versatility you seek while not costing yourself in the comfort department.

A Promise For Guests

Blowing up air beds; lugging spare mattresses out of the garage--such are the signs of a long night. Wall beds Palm Harbor prevent your guests from having to worry about how they'll sleep. These units fit comfortable, thick mattresses, and employ an easy roll-out or pull-down mechanism that keeps them easy for anyone and everyone to put them to use.

Palm Harbor Wall Beds Keep Your Home Free And Easy

Use your spare rooms as you please, or take full advantage of the space within your apartment with the help of wall beds Palm Harbor from California Closets. Call or click over to the appointments page to schedule yourself a free in-home design consultation.