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Palm Desert has to be one of the most beautiful places in America, not only famous for it's majestic landscapes but also for it's stylish homes. At California Closets Palm Desert we are proud to have maintained our position as the leading provider of custom closets and personalized storage systems to the Palm Desert area for over two decades. Our deep understanding of the unique needs of Palm Desert residents combined with our commitment to customer service, quality locally sourced materials and competitve pricing means the California Closets experience is unmatched. Stop by and visit us soon and talk to one of our design team about your home storage dreams - let's turn them into a reality! If you are searching for a partner to help you design and create beautiful and distinctive custom closets or other storage systems personalized to your Palm Desert home, California Closets Palm Desert is here to offer expert service at every step in the process - from design to installation.

Five Custom Closet Myths – Busted!

Ok - it's time to transform that pile of clothes that just keeps getting higher into a beautiful, flowing, organised cutom closet. You tell your friends you are ready to do it - and they come back at you with myths and misconceptions about why you shouldn't do it. At California Closets Palm Desert we understand there are myths out there - allow us to dispell some of them right now. Myth: Only rich people (with lots of shoes) need custom closets.
The Truth: Anyone with a closet space (both reach-in and walk-in) can benefit from the added organization that a custom closet provides. You don’t need to own a million pairs of shoes or have a collection of sportscoats to make the most of a custom closet. Custom closets are all about organization. Everyone can benefit from some extra organization.

Myth: A generic closet will meet my specific needs.
The Truth: Every individual has different tastes, styles and of course, closet spaces. The benefit of a custom closet is that it takes all of those needs and preference into account, in order to build a solution that caters to you and you only. A solution that works for your best friend or neighbor might not necessarily work for you. Give some thought about what your needs are for the successful design of custom closets.

Myth: Getting custom closets installed will surely break the bank.
The Truth: Custom closets and other home storage solutions vary greatly in terms of price, from simple affordable solutions to elaborate and major closet overhauls. That said, with so many options available, California Closets offers plenty of solutions for any budget. Choose from a variety of very affordable permanent and non-permanent options to get your home closet organized in a way that corresponds to your unique needs and budget limitations.

Myth: Super organized custom closets only work for those who are naturally organized already.
The Truth: You may not color coordinate your socks in your sock drawer, or arrange your jeans with the days of the week, but you still deserve to be able to find your belongings when you’re searching for them in your closet. Well-organized custom closets are meant to make organizing easier for you, regardless of your existing organizing habits.

Myth: Once you’ve had your custom closets designed and installed, it's permanent. Nothing can be changed.
The Truth: Even most permanent custom closet solutions have adjustable shelving and the ability to move things around as your wardrobe changes. If this is of genuine concern, our closet designers can help you come up with the most flexible of solutions. //

Palm Desert Custom Closets by California Closets

California Closets Palm Desert is the Palm Springs area’s leading provider of custom closets and personalized storage solutions. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Palm Desert to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet, garage storage system, home office and more.