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With an unparalleled dedication to high quality products and excellent customer service, California Closets is Palm Desert's number one choice for closet organizers and closet designs that prevent clutter, add function, and create organization in the home. Serving the Palm Desert community for over 25 years, California Closets has gained a unique perspective when it comes to the storage and design needs of Palm Desert residents. All our products are customization, making them the perfect solution no matter what size, design, or style of your Palm Desert home. With the help from one of our certified design consultants, we're confident you'll find the perfect product to get your closet under control and eliminate clutter. Call California Closets Palm Desert today to schedule a free in-home consultation and to find out more about our wonderful closet organizers today.

Why Choose California Closets Palm Desert For Your Closet Organization Needs?

Why Choose California Closets Palm Desert For Your Closet Organization Needs?

1. Customization Beats Factory Made For Long Term Organization Success

At California Closets Palm Desert, we know that not every storage solution works for every closet. That's why we allow for complete customization on all our closet organizers. As easy as it is to go out and buy a factory made closet organizer, generic solutions don't usually solve organization problems long term. By choosing a closet organizer that is uniquely suited to your space and needs, you're choosing the solution that's bound to give you the most overall success.

2. Let Our Certified Design Experts Be your Guide

We offer complimentary in-home consultations from our certified design consultants to help you get started on designing your closet organizer. Our design consultants have an eye for style and practicality, so you can rest assured that your space is in good hands when you choose one of our California Closet Palm Desert certified design consultants as your guide.

3. Maximize Your Space

Due to the customizable nature of our closet organizers, you'll be able to use the space in your closet to its full potential. No nook or granny will go used when you have a unique storage layout specifically designed to fit your storage needs. Depending on the items you wish to store in your closet space, you can pick and choose different methods of storage organization that make the most sense for your actual needs. For example, if you're a shoe fanatic, our closet organizers allow for varying size cubbies that make shoe storage easy and organized.

4. Time Saver

One of the disadvantages of having a run-of-the-mill closet is all the time you spend sifting through disorganized or cluttered items. With a closet organizer from California Closets Palm Desert, you'll spend less time looking through your closet for your desired item! Our closet organizers sort items in an intuitive way, making all your stored items accessible and easily located.

Expert Closet Organizers at California Closets

Allow the closet organizers and designers at California Closets Palm Desert to incorporate the above concepts and more into a customized closet solution for your home. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Palm Desert to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet, garage storage system, home office and more.