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Have you ever come home from a shopping trip feeling very good about your purchases, only to lose that good feeling when you open your closet door?  It seems your storage space is already overloaded, unable to accommodate a single item more.  Wardrobe jammed together on a single hanging rod, piles of shoes and workout clothes strewn about the floor.  It’s time to bring some order to this disorderly storage situation; it’s time to call the design professionals at California Closets Pacific Palisades.

Making Your Closet Work for You

California Closets has decades of experience in taking even the most challenging of storage areas and converting them into spaces of supreme functionality.  Using state-of-the-art innovations and techniques, we create multiple levels of storage that afford complete physical and visual access to all of your wardrobe, accessories and belongings.  From the floor to the ceiling, every inch of your closet finds a purpose.

The design experts at California Closets Pacific Palisades are committed to reimagining your storage area based on your unique needs.  We know that just as all individuals are different, so their storage requirements are different, and our customized designs reflect that fact.  We’ll team up with you to determine what’s not working now, how to fix it, and how to plan for easy adjustments in the future.  

California Closets Pacific Palisades recognizes that your storage space isn’t just a place to hold things, but is a part of your home as well.  We offer a vast array of attractive materials, accents and colors with which to finish your new closet, ensuring a harmonious blending with your home’s décor.

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