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Oyster Bay

In the 17th Century when Europeans first settled the historic town of Oyster Bay, New York, homes were rarely built with closets within them.  Those were simpler times and people had fewer things. In the modern era, however, not only are closets an indispensable part of home life, but if you haven’t put some thought and effort into making your closet an efficient, organized system for storage, you probably are living in disarray.  That’s why California Closets’ Oyster Bay closets are so revered by our customers: We help organize your life.

What’s Your Closet Scenario?

In most homes, the typical closet scenario consists of an overwhelming amount of things stuffed haphazardly into the closet.  Often, when you open the closet door, something falls out.  Few things are nestled in places designated for them the way they are with our Oyster Bay closets. The result is a combination of frustration when putting anything into, or taking something out of your closet, and impatience when what you’re looking for is hard to find.

Get Relief With Oyster Bay Closets

Now imagine the alternative scenario that Oyster Bay closets by California Closets provide.  In this case, your closets have been customized to work the way you need them to.  Each closet contains the shelving, hangers, boxes, and cabinets appropriate to the size of the closet and its intended purpose.  You open the closet door and immediately can see everything is in its proper place.

California Closets Designed For You

There are many ways that your Oyster Bay closets can be customized, but only a few ways that can optimize both your sense of style and the particular functionality you want each closet to perform.  Get one of our Design Consultants to visit you for a free, no-obligation review of how an Oyster Bay closets system can help organize your life.

Oyster Bay


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