Hot Trend Alert: Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Are you making the most of your storage space?

We often hear about the value of using high spaces that often get overlooked, but what about going overhead to really find room for awkward or large items? What could you use overhead garage storage systems for?

Dos and Don'ts for Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Before climbing up for this storage option, keep in mind these do's and don'ts to ensure the best overhead garage storage systems experience. You certainly don't want things to literally come crashing down!


-Decide what you want to store before looking at systems. Fishing poles, skis, and snowboards are just a few possible items you can put in overhead garage storage systems.

-Think about accessibility. Seasonal items are great candidates for overhead garage storage systems because you don't need them year round. If you go camping every weekend, keep your tent closer to ground level instead of overhead.

-Find your studs. Any overhead garage storage system needs to be installed into joists or rafters for safety purposes. Weight capacity means nothing if not hung appropriately!

-Talk with an expert. When comparing overhead garage storage systems talk with design or storage experts who can help you decide which system type will work best for your needs.


-Think all overhead garage storage systems are equal. Different storage solutions have different dimensions, hanging heights, capacities, and weight limits. Know what you want to store so you can find a product that fits your exact needs.

-Forget the garage door. There is no standard distance between an open garage door and the garage ceiling. No matter what kind of overhead garage storage system you choose, double check that you have the necessary clearance to let the garage door open and close with ease.

-Be afraid of heights. Will your overhead system be stationary or will it be on a pulley system? Accessing overhead garage storage systems often requires a ladder (especially if you install a unit above the garage door track), so don't plan to put anything up that you also can't take down safely.

-Forget covered storage. Bins and closed tubs are a great way to keep your stored items dust free. Label the sides so you know what you have up there!

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