Overhead Garage Storage Solutions: What's Not to Love?

A Reason You'll Want Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Your garage floor isn't the cleanest place in the world. It attracts dirt and oil, is often damp, and is a serious magnet for mold. So why would you want to keep anything on the floor that didn't have to be there? What better way to make space in your garage as well as protect what's important by using overhead garage storage solutions?

The Whys and Wherefores of Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

When it comes to overhead garage storage solutions, you definitely have options, whether it's up high along the wall or over the center of the garage. Regardless of the solution you choose, you're certain to have improved storage that keeps your stuff secure and contained.

Overhead Rack
A hanging shelf that suspends from your garage's ceiling, this is one of the more versatile overhead garage storage solutions. Secured to ceiling joists, these have various weight limits that go well over 500 pounds for some models. Perfect for storage of items in large plastic tubs so that items are protected from dust, dirt, and other damage. Since you'll probably need to climb a ladder, camping equipment, empty coolers, and other light to mid-weight pieces are best for this overhead garage storage solution.

Overhead Lift
Similar to the overhead rack, these overhead garage storage solutions have pulleys or hoists to bring the rack to you. It's a similar principle to what makes the cords on your window blinds go up and down. Specialized lifts for bicycles or boating equipment are great for corralling awkward shaped pieces; think too about sleds and skis. This kind of lift is great for heavier storage and convenience since items come to you.

Overhead Cabinets
Much like the top shelves of a closet, take your garage cabinet one step further with these handy overhead garage storage solutions. The closed doors provide a uniform look for your garage as well as protecting your storage. Great for infrequently used tools, seasonal decorations, or sports equipment in the off-season.

Overhead Shelves
The classic overhead garage storage solution, shelving can be adapted to almost any function your family needs. Boxes and bins are accessible and visible (don't forget labels if you can't see the contents), letting you hold onto items you don't use daily. Lightweight items like holiday decor fit perfectly tucked away need the ceiling.

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions: What's Not to Love?

Instead of wasting space with a messy garage, realize its true storage potential with a variety of storage solutions for your every need. From storage cabinets and shelving to overhead garage storage solutions, at California Closets we have what you need to get your garage clutter-free and under control.