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No matter the size of your closet, you'll have a difficult time making the most of its storage potential if your closet isn't designed to store exactly what you need it to. California Closets Orlando is proud to be the Orlando area’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom closet organizers. We design and manufacture our own closet organizers to ensure that we can offer you only the best, most stylish, and most useful closet organizers available on the market today. Every closet can benefit from our closet organizers, and the added storage space will help you keep your entire home cleaner and more organized. Below, our team of professional closet designers shares a few reasons why custom closet organizers can make it easier and more fun to stay organized.

Orlando Closet Organizers for All Occasions

Whether you want a closet that looks more stylish or one that simply helps you store more in your closet, you can have both with the help of closet organizers. Don't settle for imitators — with closet organizers from California Closets Orlando, you'll have a closet that will help you stay organized for years to come.

Are you the type who has a different outfit picked out for every occasion, and a calendar that seems to be full of occasions? Trying to pack all of your clothing on a single hanger rod is far from ideal, and can only hold a very limited number of garments. Custom closet organizers can give your closet innovative storage solutions like half-sized clothing rods and hanging shoe racks to make it easy to make the most of your closet's storage space. With custom closet organizers, you can rest knowing that your closet can keep up with the variation of your wardrobe for years to come.

Orlando's year-round warm weather makes it the perfect place to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Many Orlando residents are active outdoors, and outdoor activities can require lots of specialized equipment. Closet organizers can be personalized to keep gear which is used less often for annual trips on higher, less accessible shelves, which allows you to store them in your closet without it mixing with your daily clothes and accessories. This keeps your gear out of your way for most of the year, but when it’s needed, you’ll know exactly where it is. This is one of the greatest features that closet designers can add to your closet, since ordinarily you would have to store all of your belongings in a way that makes it easy for dirt from your outdoor gear to get on your clothes.

You can't live in Orlando without taking advantage of the beautiful miles of beach! Few places boast such an extensively beautiful coastline as Orlando, and if you enjoy taking advantage of the beach you'll need a proper infrastructure for storing all of your beachgoing accessories. From bathing suits and body boards to umbrellas and beach chairs, the perfect beach day can require a lot of equipment. Don't forget about the sand, either — it's so hard to keep it out of the house! With closet organizers from California Closets, it's easy

Custom closet organizers from California Closets Orlando are the perfect addition to any child's closet. We can design personalized closet organizers in your child's favorite colors, making organization fun and inviting! Bright colors and easily accessible shelves make children more comfortable with their own closets, and we can even design toy bins that will make it easy to clean up once play time is over. If you have trouble teaching your child to clean up the toys and keep the room tidy, fun closet organizers are a great first step in teaching your child about the many benefits of keeping a tidy and organized room. Moms love them!

We build our closets from the highest quality materials available, and source these materials locally whenever possible. Because we produce our own closet organizers rather than outsourcing the job to a different company, we are able to go from design to installation in as little as two weeks! Sourcing materials locally and employing hardworking Orlando residents to do the job helps our community and enables us to build great closet organizers in any style you want at a moment's notice. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can rest assured that you'll love our closet organizers and never have to worry about them failing to keep your closet organized.

Custom Closet Organizers by California Closets Orlando

Begin your custom closet experience today with Orlando’s leading designer and manufacturer of personalized storage solutions, California Closets Orlando. Schedule a free in-home design consultation</a> online or come in and visit our showroom in Longwood to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet, garage storage system, home office and more.