Organize Your Life

Who doesn't need tips on how to organize their life? Between work, friends, family, and everything-in-between, our life items tend to get, well, a little out of order.

Recognizing that your life is in a bit of chaos is just the first step. Now you have figure out where to start! We often don't even know where to begin to organize our belongings. What is most important? What will take the least (or most) amount of time and effort?

3 Places to Organize that Make a Big Difference

Don't even think about starting with your clothes closet. Stop! Think about how much is in there. Think about how terrible it would be if you started to organize your wardrobe and had to abandon it halfway -- all of your precious clothes strewn on the bedroom floor, wrinkling by the minute.

Start small, with your dresser. What do you keep there? Most likely, a few personal items, such as photographs or trinkets. If you have a mirror, you might keep your makeup or other beauty products there. First, remove the items that you don't use on a daily or weekly basis; put them in a drawer or other out-of-sight location. Now you can start to organize what is remaining. It should take you no more than 20 minutes!

Now move on to the kitchen. No, don't start on the pantry. (Especially if you haven't implemented a California Closets kitchen pantry solution!) Again, start small. Organize your recipes, for example, or your spices. Perhaps you can organize a drawer that you use as a catch-all for papers that somehow find their way to the kitchen and put them in their rightful place (i.e., the den, home office, or file cabinet).

What about your fitness gear or sport equipment? Again, if this seems like a big endeavor, you might consider a full storage system. But if you only have a few items, organize these first. Who knows, you might be inspired to play a game of squash or take that new yoga mat out for a spin...

Lastly, inspire someone else to organize their personal belongings. No, we didn't say "nag." Rather, show your son or daughter, husband, boyfriend, or roommate what you were able to accomplish in less than an hour. When they see the beaming look on your face, they may be interested in finding out how you did it -- and follow in your footsteps.

Now on to the Big Projects...

Now that you've gotten a taste of what organizing can do for your overall well-being, consider implementing a California Closets home storage solution for those big places you don't want to touch all on your own: your bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, kids room, or garage.

California Closets will help you organize these spaces so that you spend less time searching and more time doing. And especially more time doing what you really want.

California Closets -- Let the fun begin.