Wall Beds Orange County

Not all apartments and homes have fabulous closet solutions like those you see in the movies. So, what do you do if you live in a small apartment or town home with very limited storage options? Orange County wall beds from California Closets are the answer for those who are looking for added versatility around the home.

Orange County Wall Beds Is the Answer

Wall beds are a fantastic option for those looking for a more organized and clutter free way of living. When it comes to the typical home, space is tight. Consider adding an Orange County wall bed to your home and you will be rewarded with the following great benefits.

1.    Space. Finding extra space in your home can seem impossible. Yet with a wall bed you can instantly open up a spare room for everyday use. You can even combine a bedroom and home office into one space. A spare bedroom can also be an open playroom for your kids one minute and an attractive guest room the next.

2.    Convenience. If you are worried about how easy wall beds are to use, then you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by how smoothly they go up and down. The convenience of pulling out a wall bed compared to blowing up an air mattress or hauling out the fold-away bed will make having overnight guests much more enjoyable.

3.    Presentation. Wall bed designs can be incorporated into your home’s existing style and many beds can be completely unnoticeable or mistaken for a media cabinet. Adding a wall bed to your home is practical yet stylish.

Get Creative with a Orange County Wall Beds

Decorating a room has to do with personal style but everything in it must be functional and practical. In this day and age, with the multi-tasking demands of most rooms, people have to be creative when they decorate in order to receive the best results. Stay practical while being creative with a Orange County wall bed. Give us a call and receive your free consultation today!