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How do you show a house love? By filling it with wonderful closets. Windows, decks, and roofs may make up the design of the exterior of your Orange home, but for the interior, closets are what make for a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Orange Closets Can Come in Any Color Or Style

When working with California Closets, you are the lead designer. Our professional team supports you and empowers you to make the best decisions about how your closets, and thus your home, will look. The range of possibilities is endless, literally. With all the possible combinations of texture culture, configuration, accent, and accessories, no two closets will look alike.

An emphasis on customizability is our trademark. No two Orange residents are the same, and their closets will reflect their different lifestyles, tastes, and needs. Unlike generic closets, custom closets get down to the details of your life, making moving around your home easier for you and your belongings. All too often, people live in clutter when they can enjoy the benefit of better closets. There is no house that is too small or corner that is too tight for an improved storage solution.

Instead of having your belongings play musical chairs for shelf space, have specialized compartments to accommodate exactly what you need. Much more than a box, a true closet should have a sophisticated, yet simple configuration. Orange residents vary in their hobbies and activities. Some need the extra space for stilettos and ball gowns, while others are weekend warriors with kayaks, mountain bikes and tents.

You and Your Home Deserve Better Orange Closets

Keep in mind that we have products that are designed for any room in the house including the kitchen, pantry, garage, media center, home office, children’s room, bedroom and more. To get started on an domestic overhaul, schedule a free design consultation with our team of experts. Your Orange home deserves better closets!



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