Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Ontario

The company of family and friends can provide a huge uplift in your spirits. It's great to eat, catch up, play board games, and chat late into the night. But when it comes time to finding a place for everyone to sleep, the lightheartedness and positive energy that encompassed the evening can quickly drift away if you're relying on "traditional" methods. Wall beds Ontario from California Closets put an end to the headaches and sleepless nights that are synonymous with air beds and the extra mattress in the garage. Easily concealed, these Murphy beds Ontario can be the perfect way to ensure that you guests enjoy a good night's sleep while not burdening your day to day routine with a cumbersome presence.

Ontario Murphy Beds/Wall Beds For Guest And Homeowner Satisfaction

Whether you've got guests in town or are just hoping to make the most out of a seldom-slept-in room, we've got you covered with our wall beds Ontario. Able to fit flush with the wall, our Murphy beds Ontario employ easy pull-down technology, ensuring that they are not a problem when in use, and even less so when they aren't!

Outer Style For Maximum Aesthetic Pleasure

No one adds an air bed or a spare mattress to a enhance a room aesthetically. Wall beds Ontario, on the other hand, come completely equipped within a stylish and space-saving closet system customized to your wishes, ensuring that you get a sensible addition that can be easily unfurled for a guest, but also ties the room together.

Easy Process With Experienced Designers

When you start working with California Closets on your Ontario Murphy beds, you'll rest comfortably knowing that your needs will be addressed in partnership with one of our experienced design consultants.  With our 30 years of experience in the business, we've seen plenty, and can make suggestions and help you find the combination of style and function that you desire.

Wall Beds Ontario--Making The Most Of Your Space

Don't be forced to decide whether to turn a room into a guest room--have the best of both worlds with the help of Murphy beds Ontario from California Closets. Call today for a free in-home design consultation.