Ontario Custom Shelving

We all know the feeling of having too much clutter in your home but at the same time not wanting to get rid of anything. No matter how small your home space, the solution to home clutter is never ‘I just need a bigger place’. The solution is to maximize your space you have with smart storage solutions. Your Ontario home has more spaces than you can imagine that can be transformed to become efficient and effective storage solutions. One such solution is custom shelving. California Closets Ontario have an excellent range of custom shelving options that will transform any space.

Custom Shelving Ontario: Custom shelving can transform any room!

Custom shelving can tranform any space in your home. You can customize your shelving to be a beautiful design feature in a room, or a discrete storage option. Consider some of the rooms in your home that can be transformed with custom shelving from California Closets Ontario.

Bedroom. How is your bedroom closet looking? If it is filled with piles and piles of unidentifiable clothes then you should definitely think about giving your closet an upgrade. The bedroom closets in many Toronto homes have high ceilings and a lot of wasted space in the top, and often on the sides. Consider putting custom shelving in these areas and using baskets to keep your clothes seperate.

Kitchen. Open shelving in a kitchen has been a popular design trend for many years as it allows practical easy access to your cooking equipment the second you need it. In recent years home owners have also started to appreciate the visial beauty of an open and textured kitchen, as it creates a true feeling of warmth and comfort in the home.

Living room. If your living room doubles as a home library, home office or entertainment centre (or all of these and more) you can maximise your space custom shelving. If your living room is small you might consider turning an entire wall into a custom shelving solution. California Closets can create shelving to fit any space so you can leave large areas blank (rather than covering it with shelves using a premade shelving unit) so the wall is still visible creating a clean and flowing feel.

Garage. Garage oragnization is a real challenge. Your garage is one of the most difficult spaces in the home to organize as so many of the items you store there are oddly shaped or oversized. Custom shelving can optimize your verticle space and create many more storage areas. Talk to one of the in-store designers at California Closets Toronoto about the items you need to store and let them take you through the many space saving options available.