Custom Closets Olympia

Besides community and quality of life, what most people say makes Olympia great is its proximity to natural beauty. What makes Olympia residents ready for the outdoors are the world’s best custom closets. Since 1984, California Closets has been designing, crafting and distributing custom closets for every purpose to the Puget Sound region.

Olympia Custom Closets for the Great Outdoors

When we began our journey as a custom closets company, before we reached Olympia, when our name matched our geography, the world was different. Back then, some 30 years ago, folks were exploring their natural environments just the same. People have always hiked and swam and spent time outdoors.

The difference, however, was that most storage was generic—boring and not very functional. We were revolutionary because we told people that they deserved customs closets to match their unique Olympia lifestyle. Since then, the small specialty craft has turned into a major industry, and we still stand proudly at the helm.

The benefit of custom containers for outdoor gear storage is enormous. You want to always have an off-season locker. Most outdoor recreation is season specific, so you need a spot to securely and orderly stow away equipment. Most outdoor gear is also very specialized. They don’t build generic closets for all your unique hobbies and activities. But we do. The garage is usually the best place to store outdoor stuff, but we do work on any room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom and home office.

Olympia Custom Closets Make it A Pleasure to Serve You

At California Closets, we love forming deep relationships with our customers. The people of Olympia have become our friends, and we love working on custom closets with them. We take it as a vote of confidence when they keep on coming back over the years.