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Work Spaces

Nothing is more frustrating than having to work in an office that is as chaotic as the work that you’re doing. Not only does this mess add to your endless list of things you need to eventually address, but the constant danger of feeling overwhelmed by the clutter is perpetually looming in that growing pile of unfiled paperwork. And while your days get busier and the hours feel shorter, the unaddressed stack of files continues to expand at an alarming rate. 

The need for organized and efficient office storage is paramount in your home office. You otherwise risk losing that document that was a key part of a merger or a statement that was vital to a recent acquisition. Office storage not only encourages organization but helps lend itself to creating better office flow. This in turn makes a workspace less prone to feeling cramped, where productivity is obstructed by untidiness and disarray. 

When all your files and documents have a specified home, things are easily found and recalled at a moment’s notice and nothing is ever accidentally lost. In addition to investing in quality office storage solutions, there a few things you can do with your office space to make it an efficient place to work: 

  • Create zones for specific activities in your office. Establish a work center, a reference center, a supply center, etc. 
  • Keep frequently used office products out in the open, in easy to reach places. 
  • Be conscious of access to drives, cords, trays, drawers, etc. when deciding on furniture placement. 

California Closets has over three decades of experience enriching the lives of our customers through exceptionally designed custom storage solutions. Cut out the chaos and make your home office a fun and calming place to work with custom office storage that makes sense for your unique space. 


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