The Difference between an Office Cabinet at Home and One at Work

Although you might be doing the same work from a home office that you would be doing in an office building, your needs in a home office are completely different. You can’t share work materials or tools with others, you may have more personal materials in your home office and with a lack of company oversight, the organization is completely up to you. Consider these points when you’re stocking your home office cabinet.

What You Need in a Home Office Cabinet

1.  Books: Unlike a traditional office cabinet, your home office cabinet can be the resting place for personal favorite books, intended pleasure reading as well as reference materials for work.

2. Office Supplies: More often than not, you won’t have a supply closet in your home. Keeping needed materials close at hand is more convenient and more effective when you need to figure out what to re-stock. Don’t forget to keep a fresh pack or two of blank paper!

3. A Lockbox: Important personal files can go into your home office cabinet so they won’t be lost or destroyed. Social security cards, passports, birth certificates and other important legal documents are better stored here than in a desk drawer.

4. Personal and Professional Files: Multiple drawers might be the way to go when storing your files in the office cabinet, both those associated with personal things like bills and taxes as well as for work records.

5. Electronic equipment: By storing fax machines or printers in your office cabinet, you can free up space on your desk for your actual work.

6. Instruction manuals and booklets: Most of us don’t have IT guys in our homes, so office cabinets are a great centralized place to keep the instruction manuals for home printers, copiers, phones and computer software.

Create an Effective Home Office

Your personal taste, functionality – even the style of your home – all come into play when designing a home office. Your California Closets Design Consultant can talk you through the choices and help you find and customize the right system for your needs. Contact California Closets today to set up a consultation with one of our expert designers.