5 Reasons To Love An Office Armoire

Need More Office Space?

A home office is so much more than a place to work. You can use it as a hub of family scheduling, a filing center for important documents, even bill paying central. Even if you don't have a separate room, you can make a home office workstation instantly with an office armoire.

5 Reasons to Love an Office Armoire

When it comes to making the most of little space, we love furniture that's multifunctional. Here are some other reasons we love office armoires (and think you will too!).

- Elegance. Office armoires are classy and sophisticated, no matter the genre of design from traditional to modern lines. Wood lends weight and warmth to any workstation. You'll make a decorative statement in any area.

- Fit in anywhere. An office armoire doesn't have to be in an office. Under the stairs, in a large hall, even in the corner of the dining room or a bedroom can become an instant home office area with an armoire. You can find them in a variety of sizes, perfect for whatever space you have available.

- Organized storage. With shelves, drawers, and even fold out or sliding desk space, an office armoire can keep everything in place from papers to pencils, pens, and tape. Cubbies and bins on shelves further up the organization ante. Another great tip? Magnetic or cork boards lining the doors' insides for messages and vertical idea organization.

- Hide your work. When we work outside the home, it's easy to leave the workplace behind when you physically leave. An office armoire lets you shut away work along with the entire desk, keeping things out of sight and out of mind until you need to focus again. We've seen some great uses of an office armoire for craft/hobby storage as well, the desk becoming a craft area. When it's closed, no one will know you were just using it just moments before.

- Perfect for electronics. Many office armoires are specially designed for electronics like computers and printers with built-in cable storage, space for a surge protector, and a pullout keyboard tray. Functionality means desk space is big enough for a computer while also providing a writing surface.

More Office Armoire Ideas from California Closets

We know how difficult planning an attractive and functional office can be. Let our experts help you create a productive home office space, no matter if you need lots of desk space, filing storage, or meeting areas. When filled with quality, lasting furniture like an office armoire or shelving, you'll have an office space that promotes more efficient work you'll be happy doing.

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