Sliding Doors Oceanside: Space-Saving Solutions

Sliding doors on closets and other storage spaces first became a popular home design trend in the 1950's as a space saving solution for apartment living and for small bedrooms that didn't have the space for open shut doors. Today they are more popular than ever not only for their space saving benefits but for their stylish design options that enhance the aesthetic of any space. California Closets Oceanside have sliding door options for all their custom closet systems from single doors, to stacked doors, to pocket doors - all with state of the art sliding systems. They have a wide range of finishing options from mirrored doors, to natural wood finishes and many others. Stop by today and talk to one of the in-store designers about the many options (and benefits) of adding sliding doors to your home storage spaces.

Oceanside Sliding Doors: A Considered Approach

Transform the functionality and aesthetic of your closet today with sliding doors from California Closets Oceanside. Consider some of the many benefits of sliding doors.

Space Saving

Sliding doors need a lot less space than swinging doors. It is estimated that a swinging door needs nearly 10 times the space of a sliding door as you need to have clear floor space to allow for it to open and shut. That clear floor space is often referred to as 'waste space' as it serves no other purpose than allowing free movement of the swinging doors. Sliding doors let you minimize waste space. This is very important in Oceanside homes today - when space is at a premium.


Sliding doors give you amazing options in terms of design aesthetic. They can either be a bold design statement or a subtle addition to the aesthetic of a space. Mirrored doors add functionality and help create the illusion of spacial depth; while smooth subtle finishes add flow to a room making it look more light and spacious. California Closets Oceanside have a wide range of beautiful finishing options for all their sliding doors.


If you have a walk in closet, reach in closet, or a bathroom off your bedroom, sliding doors can help to divide the space for privacy and for humidity control so no unnesary moisture doesn't get into your closet space and your clothes.


If you are working in a very small space, or a space close to a stairway - sliding doors are much safer as you don't need to step back to make way for the swinging door to open and risk falling or tripping. Sliding doors also won't slam in the wind, and they don't open by themselves.


Sliding doors are a great to help free and easy passage through the home. This is particularly important for for handicapped and mobility impaired people.

Stop by California Closets Oceanside today and let us take you through the many sliding door options available right now!