Garage Storage Oceanside

One man’s storage mess is another man’s storage opportunity and that is never more true than in the final frontier of space – the garage.

Re-Discovery With Garage Storage Oceanside

Re-Imagining the Garage

A typical point of view is that the garage is just a place to store your car, a few tools and maybe a box or two of Christmas ornaments.  But California Closets has something else in mind with garage storage Oceanside.  What if with a little imagination and some creative consulting you could build a space that complemented your lifestyle and accommodated your storage needs?

Creating Opportunities with Garage Storage Oceanside

Working with the design specialists at California Closets, every inch of room in your garage becomes an opportunity.  A system of hooks, bins, and mounted custom cabinetry utilizes wall space and frees up valuable floor area that can be used as for a work bench or maybe a play area for the kids.  Heavy-duty brackets get the family bicycles off the floor and onto easily-accessed wall space.  The possibilities are as endless as your needs.

Safety First

Too often the garage is a land mine of potential safety hazards.  Old paint cans, pesticides and other harmful chemicals, not to mention sharp tools, all need to be kept out of reach of children.   California Closets and Oceanside garage storage provide safety solutions like heavy-duty locked cabinetry that make sure access is limited to only those who should have it.

Your New Garage is Only a Call Away

Stop merely storing and start creating an amazing addition to your house by calling a garage storage Oceanside representative today.  They’ll work with you to organize and transform your garage into a safe, useful, handsome complement to your home.