Oakville Wall Beds

From the innovators at California Closets comes an old classic updated for the modern age: Oakville wall beds. Unlike conventional beds, Oakville wall beds take up no floor space when you’re not using them, thanks to a revolutionary ability to actually fold up into your wall! Now you can easily free up a vast amount of space in your bedroom – and the possibilities of what you can do with that space are endless. Call or stop by today to learn how easy it can be to have Oakville wall beds installed in your home!

All Hail Square Footage

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, your living space’s square footage is precious. Even more so in the bedroom – the room we all spend lots of time in, but often lacks the space we really need to store everything we want in it. With Oakville wall beds, you can quickly and easily free up every square foot of floor space that your bed occupies – making your room instantly more open and accessible. 

Let The Good Times Roll With Oakville Wall Beds

Once your Oakville wall beds are safely stowed away in your wall, you’re free to do whatever you want with the extra space! In a child’s room, Oakville wall beds are great for giving your child lots of extra space to play. Oakville wall beds are also great for when you’ve wanted to try a new hobby – such as painting – but have never had the space for it. Simply stow away your Oakville wall beds, and suddenly you have plenty of space for arts and crafts!

A Blast From The Past

Enjoy a great night’s sleep, all without taking up any unnecessary space. Call or come in today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation!